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Quality Assurance
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Quality Control Papers
       According to the ISO9001: 2000Quality Management System, the enterprise has approved 《Quality Manual "," Program Files "," Incoming Inspection Standards "," process inspection norms "," Inspection Specification, "" equipment, operating procedures, "" Assembly Instruction "," test equipment operating instructions " and so on.

Technical Requirement
       Technical Requirement mainly according to People's Republic of ChinaEngine Industry Standard JB/T7258-94and People's Republic of China Standard GB/1.1-2000, GB/ T 1.2-2000 rules.
Technical Requirement Standards
(1)Hubei Province Shuangjian Blower Production Co., Ltd. Enterprise Standard Q/SJ001-2005.
(2)People's Republic of China Engine Industry Standard JB/T7258-94 Normal Use Centrifugal Blower .
(3)People's Republic of China National Standard GB/1.1-2000 Standard Chemical.
(4)People's Republic of China National Standard GB/T1.2-2002 Standard Chemical.

Operative Norm
(1) Materials Standard: adopts National Standar, Department Standard and Industry standard.
(2)Centrifugal Blower Design Standard: JB/T7258-94《Normal Use Centrifugal Blower 》,JB/T16941-1997(ISO8011-1988)《Proceed Industrial Level through the design and manufacture of compressor specifications and data sheets》
(3)Mechanical operation and performance test standards : JB/T3165-1999《Centrifugal and Axle Type Blower Thermal Performance Test》.
(4) Lubricating system: carry out AP1614 standard .
(5) Clutch: carry out AP1671 standard .
(6) Speed increaser: carry out GB8524-87《Level through the gearsTechnical Requirement》.
(7) Electric motor: carry out BG755-87《Rotating electrical machines》 standard .
(8) Explosion-proof: carry out IEC79-0(1983) standard .

 Production and Test Standard
GB/T2888-91《Blower and Roots Blower Noise Test Method》
JB/T7258-94《Normal Use Centrifugal Blower 》
JB/T3165-1999《Centrifugal and Axle Type Blower Compressor Thermal Performance Test》
JB/T6888-93《 Blower Foundry Steel Parts Technical Requirement》
JB/T6444-2003《Blower Package Technical Requirement》<
JB4365-1997《Special lubrication, shaft sealing and control oil system》


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