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Design and development capabilities
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The company has strong R & D capabilities, built several research stations for the swords to enhance R & D capabilities lead to continued vitality and progress.
- The company has 10 national patents, including patents one.
- The basis of modern design concepts and the corresponding national standards for engineering design.
- With Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Shenyang Blower Works Research Institute and other institutions of higher learning and research institutes to establish long-term cooperative research partnership. Major projects are national experts involved in the design.
- Using the MTS and the domestic advanced design software PKPM aided design and efficient manner to provide the most optimal design solutions to its customers.
- To provide a complete wind turbine manufacturing and installation drawings, the manufacturing and construction can be carried out efficiently and accurately.

Application software
Advanced wind turbine compressor design package
Yong dimensional computational analysis package 32 parallel version (with automatic optimization kinetic energy)
Mechanical calculation and analysis software package
Rotor dynamics calculation and analysis software package


Host IBMX3850-x5-enhanced two
Gordon E78-4870 CPU Intel processor * 4 (10 cores 20 threads, 30MB L3 cache)
Computer speed up to 800 billion times / sec.


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