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Centrifugal compressor
Product Name: Centrifugal compressor

Product Detail

the gas pressure generated by centrifugal force.
In recent years, with the promotion of new metallurgy technology, enlargement of device scale, rapid development of green coal and electricity industry, the demand for quantity and scale of air separation facility has increased. For adapting to the development of market, since 2002, Hubei Shuangjian has engaged in the research of air separation compressor. We have made cooperation relationship with many domestic scientific research institutions and developed energy-saving and environment friendly Shuangjian series supoercharger, which is mainly applied in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, coal,pharmaceutical, air separation, electricity, textile and other fields.

Main Components Of Compressor
·Air compression components:impeller, diffuser, volute
·Gear drive components: gear,bearing
·Seal components: oil seal, gas seal,oil gas separation

Technical Parameters

·Flow range:q=20-9000m3/min
·Maximum operating pressure:pc=4.5mpa
·Working speed:n=3000-18000r/min
·Shaft power:n≤25000kw 

·This series compressor belongs to medium-low pressure series,which can realize single-stage,two-stage and three-stage compression in the single cylinder,and can pumping air from the cylinder.Single cylinder can be equipped with 2-10 impellers,or make up multi-cylinder set.It is introduced from NUOVO PGNONE.

·Air compression system,cooling system,lubricating system,control system inherit over-all structure.
·High-efficient aerodynamic efficiency can realize optimal aerodynamic effect,impeller efficiency can reach above 92%
·Mature multiple shafting rotor design, can realize optimal rotor stability and bearing load.
·Key core components (gear, bearing, seal, oil pump, filter, oil cooler, etc.) are international well-known brand.
·Standard module design, convenient for maintenance.
·Visual control interface, convenient for reading and operation.
·Provide customers with overall technical service support.

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