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Multi-grade centrifugal Blower
Product Name: Multi-grade centrifugal Blower

Product Detail

Multi-grade centrifugal Blower

 First, summary
   Multi-grade centrifugal Blower can be widely used in Smelting Blast furnace , coal washing Factory, Mining flotation, Sewage disposal , Chemical Gas Making and the transportation of special gas. The series Blower has high efficiency, low noise and stable operation, and it is convenient to Install, operate, and maintain.
Model instruction: Export Boosting is 0.5kgf/cm2(5000 mm waterspout).

          Entering Pressure is 1.0kgf/cm

          Entering Flux is 150 square meters

          C shows that Multi-grade low speed centrifugal Blower , principla axisRevolution≤3000 revolution/mins;

 second, Structure and transmission
   There are two types machines: one is Multi-grade, single absorption, double support, with coupler and the other is multi-grade, single-absorption, double support. Both of the two types of machines can be high and low speed.

The main cases are made from foundry ferrous.

The series Blower adopts antifriction bearing and gliding Axle, antifriction bearing adopts Molybdenum disulfide lithium grease lubrication;Gliding Axle adopts pressure oil support to lubricate and the number of the lubricating oil are No.32 or No.46, The lubrication series includes Main oil pump, electric pump, mail, oil cooler, filter and high fuel tank and so on.

For special requirements, please write when order the products, we will try our best to meet your requirements.

Third, performance parameter 
  Blower performance parameters gained under standard condition. Standard condition: Entering gas temperature Tin=20°C, Air Pressure Pa=760mm mercury, relative temperature: Φ=50%.

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