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High temperature fan
Product Name: High temperature fan

Product Detail

High temperature fan  

BB24, BB50 series the end of Cement Kiln High temperature fan
BB24, BB50 series the end of Cement Kiln High temperature fan, can be used for the treatment of the waste gas in cement rotary kiln. The daily productivity can be 300~8000 tons.

Latest design, tense structure, Installation regulation convenient, operation safe, Anti-friction, High temperature resistant, high efficiency(more than 81%), low noise, performance is stable, Flux scope is wide with wide high efficient area.

It is suitable for the operation under high temperature, high dust degree, and serious frication. The comprehensive performance can be leading stage fro the application of new materials and new production arts.

Blower model Transportation medium Import Operating Mode Export Boosting
Axle Power
Supporting point and Power Remarks
Temperature Medium Density
C10-1.2 Air 10 1 20 1.2 2000 5.27 2940 Y160M1-2-11KW  

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