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Stand-alone high-speed blowers and compressors modular gear
Product Name: Stand-alone high-speed blowers and compressors modular gear

Product Detail

Product Features:
· Compressed air system, cooling system, lubrication system, integrated into the control system, in-line assembled the overall structure, the standard module design, low noise, small vibration, small footprint, light weight li, installation maintenance quick and easy.
· Critical core components (gears, bearings, pumps, filters, oil coolers, control components, etc.) used in all international brands.
· Efficient qigong efficiency and achieve optimal aerodynamic effects, impeller efficiency reaches 92%.
· Sliding bearings should be used, it can be a long time without maintenance, repair but also because even a simple structure, light and easy to operate heavy inside.
· Centrifugal impeller diameter smaller than two yuan 30% -40%, so the rotor GD2 small, easy to start.

Pressure knitting machine main parts
· Air compressor parts: impeller, diffuser, volute
· Gear parts: gears, bearings
· Sealing components: oil seals, gas seals, oil and gas isolation

Product Use:
· Used in petrochemical, iron device
Feed air source can be used, then burn treatment, chemical reaction, blowing converter, sulfur recovery titanate, apparatus means maleic acid, acrylic devices.
· For suction, pressure feed gases
Can be used for carbon dioxide, ammonia, natural gas, chlorine gas, coke oven gas and other process gas loop.
· For the manufacture of food, medicines
Can be used for the reaction, fermentation, feed air transportation, waste gas and waste water treatment.
· For public utilities
Can be used for urban sewage aeration, city gas distribution, power generation flue gas desulfurization pressure feed gas pressure feed gas caisson, tunnel engineering aspirated, sediment transport.
· For other jobs
Be used for air curtain, air knife, and drying.

SH series single speed
Structural features: single cantilever
Technical parameters:
Flow Range: Q = 50-1800m3/min
Maximum working pressure: Pc = 0.25Mpa
Operating speed: n = 5000-43000r/min

Gear G series
Structural features: gear-type multi-stage compression, each level compressed gas through the intercooler reduces the temperature to ensure that minimum energy
Technical parameters:
Flow Range: Q = 50-1800m3/min
Operating speed: Pc = 0.25-4.0Mpa

Control System:
Standard control system consists of three types, namely: Type 1, Type 2, Type 3 (the main components are imported products. Painless process for the controller were selected GE / AB / SIMEMS / OMROM PLC and other companies produced ).
Were able to persuade with the following:
1, anti-surge control
2, unit status monitoring
3, alarm, interlock protection
4, fault analysis
5, pressure, flow regulating control cool
6, Communication
Depending on the automation requirements, in place of a control system [1 type), respectively, wall, bracket, two installation methods: local, remote two control system (type 2); locally, remotely control the other three system (type 3).
The basic differences are as follows:
1, a control, to complete a separate multi-unit control (corresponding to a single CPU units), can complete their own independent control, no association with other units.
2, two control in a controlled basis, but also adds a coordinated control panel, complete coordination between multiple units work.
Sewage treatment industry, there gas volume distribution grid, slow network, network, and other complex tasks retreat.
3, three control, two control functions, based on the complete communication with other PLC or DCS, reaching new automation needs and management needs.

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Stand-alone high-speed blowers and compressors modular gear
Stand-alone high-speed blowers and compressors modular gear
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